Casas: We didn’t perform well and Baish deserves to play in Europe

After the end of the final match of the twenty-fifth Arabian Gulf Cup, Khaleeji Zain 25, during which Iraq defeated its Omani opponent 3/2, a press conference was held for Casas, the coach of the Iraqi national team, who said: “The truth is that the match was not good on the part of the Iraqi team, and we did not play comfortably, but the team played with faith and a strong heart, they entered the match like lions and made the people happy, so I defend the players and for sure the players’ families suffered a lot.”

And he continued: “Ahmed Yahya and Ahmed Farhan were with us, but they went out and all the technical staff was good. Thank you to all the Iraqi people for their support from the first moment.”

He added: “I was not happy in this match because of some problems, but after the end of the match I felt happy, we did not play comfortably in the match and I tried to support the team through substitutions in defense and we were doing what is best for the team.”

And he continued: “Football is a sport that carries many mistakes and nervousness, and the importance of the match was one of the reasons for individual mistakes. Regarding future plans currently, we are able to overcome difficulties and we will have a strong future. When I signed for the national team, there were few people who believed in these players and I came to help them. I certainly did not do that alone we are an integrated system. We have spent many hours analyzing and trying to find solutions to develop players. For example, Baish is a player who can play in Europe, and I hope that this will be his actual start.

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