Casas: The two teams are expposed to each other and we are one step ahead of making history

Held at eleven in the morning, Iraq time, in the Sayyab Hall at the Minawi Pasha Hotel, the press conference of Casas, the coach of the Iraqi national team, which is prior Oman and Iraq match tomorrow in the final of the twenty-fifth Arabian Gulf Cup hosted by Basra.

Casas said: “It was a dream to reach the final, the journey was difficult tomorrow’s opponent is very difficult, we faced Oman before, and they played many finals recently.”

The player, Amjad Atwan, said: “The presence of the fans was a great motivation , and we hope to achieve what makes them happy.”The coach said, “The players are all essential. No one knows the players line-up until immediately before the match, and this gives us strong support. We are the only team that involved all the players, and we will dedicate the title to the victims of Nasiriyah, and I hope not to celebrate excessively.”

Casas added: “The first match was closed and its chances were few. We analyzed what happened during it, and we will try to reach in several ways to create danger to the Omani team. I will not disclose, but I will surprise them.”

And he continued: “Every team adopts the best method. Oman is a stable team with the coach for some time. I hope that we will not reach penalty kicks, and if we go to them, I hope to win.”

And he added: “I did not say that I do not think about reaching the final, when we tied in the first meeting, this appeared, and we showed the opposite. We are in the final and each team has a goal, to achieve the title. I see it as a closed match, which will be decided by small details.”

Casas indicated: “I am satisfied with all the matches, and after each match we analyze it well, day after day we deal with the mistakes and I hope that there will be no mistakes tomorrow. Our difference is that we know the opponent well, we are clear in front of each other, we will try to correct the mistakes of the first meeting, each match is different and we face different difficulties, and I repeat our strong desire to make Iraq happy by achieving the title.”

Casas confirmed: “So far we do not have absences, but I am concerned about the common cold cases of some players who stayed in bed yesterday and I hope they are ready. I wished if the the technical staff were sick and not the players. I trust the players and we have one step to make history. I have players who are good at playing in more than one position, and each match has its own plan and appropriate players, even Amjad can play as a goalkeeper.”

Casas concluded his speech by saying: “Ayman Hussein is a very important player, but all responsibilities should not be placed on him. Teamwork, one player does not win, we play collectively, we will win. I mean everyone, not just the players, the whole system. I did not change anything in the players, we just showed them the way and the rest is their effort. I always support them for development and inform them of their capabilities, and we go like this with every match. As a technical staff we always cultivate desire among the players. Most of the technical staff were players and this represents a positive point.”

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