Branko: The title is our goal and we seek to break the barrier of losing the final against the host

Held at eleven twenty-five minutes in the morning, Iraq time, in the Al-Sayyab Hall in the Minawi Pasha Hotel, the press conference of Branko Ivankovic, coach of the Oman national team, which is prior to the Oman’s match tomorrow against Iraq in the final of the 25th Arab Gulf Cup hosted by Al Basra. Branko said: “I congratulate Iraq I salute the Iraqi fans. I thank the media for their efforts. I am proud of the players for reaching the final. It was not easy, they are eager to play in front of full stands. The Iraqi national team is very strong on its land and in the midst of its fans. Our goal is also to win. I expect it to be a difficult match, but I trust the players. The players are ready.”

Player Jamil Al-Hamdi said: “A very difficult match, the Iraqi national team is strong, but we are ready to achieve a positive result, and we are happy to play in front of the great Iraqi audience.”

Branko continued: “We have no absences except for the two full backs, the players are well prepared. In the first match we had a reservation, a point is better than losing, and in the end the draw was satisfactory for both teams. Tomorrow the matter is different and we are ready for all possibilities. I hope that the match will be resolved in the original time, like the Bahrain match. Playing in front of a large audience represents an incentive for us and our goal is to win.”

Branko also said: “Finals are played for titles, reaching to the final is good but history only remembers title winners.”

The Omani coach proceeded: “Oman is always the best for me, with all due respect to all teams. My team is the best. We faced Iraq 3 times and they are all different. I will not return to the opening meeting. I analyzed the Iraq-Qatar match well.I am trying to break the rule of losing to the host in the final. We felt the generosity of the Iraqis, the warmth of their reception, and playing in front of the fans is a pleasure. They have the right to support their team, and their presence will motivate our players.”

He concluded: “The tournament as a whole is very strong. All teams performed well, the UAE is good, and Saudi Arabia has the strongest league in the region. Qatar attended the World Cup players, and Iraq certainly played and had the most pressure. The feelings of the fans represent great pressure on the team, and we hope to present a good match tomorrow that satisfies the ambition of our fans.”

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