Oman or Iraq .. Who will raise the Gulf Cup 25?

The teams of Iraq and Oman will play the final match of the 25th Gulf Championship, tomorrow, Thursday, January 19, 2022, at the Sports City Stadium at 7:00 pm. Both teams were exposed to the coaches Casas and Branco, as both of them wrote down sufficient information about the two teams’ lines and the most important strengths and weaknesses. It is expected that each team will play on the other’s mistakes and avoid any defect that occurs in the lines in order to reach the goal and score the net.

The Iraqi team, which leads the first group with two wins and a draw, will try to control the match early, supported by a huge audience and unparalleled motivation, but the matter remains dependent on what the players offer and what the coach draws, who has previously led Iraqi team to beat Qatar in the semi-finals.

As for the Omani team, who ranked second after the Iraqi team in the first group, they will try hard in order to stop the Iraqi team from possessing and absorb the Iraqi momentum, whether through the audience or the performance, and put his rival under the pressure of the fans, especially since Oman had previously dealt with Iraq in the opening and was calm in reaction to the Iraqi offensive tide Especially if Oman succeeds in going beyond the first quarter of an hour of the first half, and starts building counter-balls that may result in a real danger to the Iraqi goal.

Jalal Hassan, and Branko, the Omani coach, has good experience in dealing with such a match, especially since he succeeded in Crossing Bahrain safely in the semi-finals.

An Iraqi-Omani fight over the Gulf Cup

The match will be difficult for both team, the one who will take advantage of the chances will be closer to win the last day of the Arabian Gulf 25 Championship.

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