Gulf 22 .. Al-Annabi champion for the third time .. and Riyadh, hosting for the fourth time

For the fourth time after 1972, 1988, and 2002, Riyadh will return to host the Gulf Cup in its 22nd edition, from November 13 to 26, 2014.

The 8 teams participated in that edition and were divided into two groups: the first included Saudi Arabia (the host), Qatar, Yemen, and Bahrain. The second included the UAE (the holder of the championship), Oman, Kuwait, and Iraq.

The Saudi team qualified from the first group with 7 points, and the Qatari team came in second with 3 points, while the Omani team qualified from the second group with 5 points with the same balance, the Emirati team came in second by goal difference.

In the semi-finals of the tournament, Qatar defeated Oman 3/1, Saudi Arabia beat the UAE 3/2, and the UAE team achieved third place after defeating Oman 1/0, with the goal of Ali Mabkhout. The Qatari team won the cup after defeating the Saudi team 2/ 1, to achieve the title for the third time in its history.

The tournament witnessed the scoring of 33 goals during 16 matches. Ali Mabkhout won the title of the top scorer with 5 goals, Nawaf Al-Abed won the title of best player, and Qassem Burhan came as the best goalkeeper.

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