Gulf 15.. Saudi Arabia is the champion.. and the draw results in the partnership of Kuwait and Bahrain

The fifteenth edition of the Gulf Cup Championship was held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 16 to 30 January 2002, and all matches were played at King Fahd International Stadium. The third and fourth places in this tournament were decided by drawing lots for the first time, as Kuwait and Bahrain were equal in points and goal difference. Also, the organizing committee determined the third place by drawing lots, and it was won by the Kuwait national team.

Teams participated in this edition: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Oman, and 15 matches were played, with 33 goals scored.

The Saudi Green achieved the title of this tournament, with 13 points from 4 wins and one draw, with a single point difference from the Qatari runner-up Annabi (12 points), from four wins and a loss, and the Kuwaiti Blue came third with five points, from a win, two draws and two losses, then Bahrain fourth, with the same points and goal difference, followed by Omani Red who came fifth with four points from a win, a draw and 3 losses, and finally the Emirates with 3 points from a single victory and four losses.

This edition of the championship is one of the most prominent Gulf tournaments, as it witnessed strong and equal confrontations, most notably the opening match between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which ended in a positive draw with a goal for both. It also witnessed historical results and numbers such as the Omani Red won against the Kuwaiti Blue, and the champion was determined in the last round that brought the Saudi Al-Akhdar and Al-Annabi of Qatar, which ended with the Falcons winning 3/1.

The historical top scorer of the Omani national team, Hani Al-Dabit, won the title of top scorer in the tournament with five goals, and Qatari Jaffal Rashid won the best player award, while Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Al-Deayea won the title of best goalkeeper.

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