Gulf 12 .. The World Cup green stars achieve the first title

The sun of the Gulf Championship returned to the Emirates again in the Gulf 12, after organizing the sixth session 1982, and its competitions were held from 3 to 16 November 1994, and Madinat Zayed International Stadium hosted all the matches.

Teams participated in this version: UAE, led by Yolandi Peczyk, Oman, led by Iranian Mohajerani, Saudi Arabia, led by national coach Mohammed Al-Kharashi, Kuwait, led by Polish Lobato Veske, Qatar, led by Brazilian Eversto, and Bahrain, led by Czech Ivan.

The Saudi Greens achieved for the first time in their history the title of the Gulf Cup Championship, realizing a long-awaited dream of 24 years. Then UAE came second, Bahrain third, and Qatar fourth.

The value of the prize money for the best player in the match amounted to 3 thousand dollars, and the Emirati player Muhammad Ali Kassala won the best player award in the tournament, and his colleague Mohsen Musabih won the best goalkeeper award.

The total number of yellow cards in the session reached 27, and a case of expulsion for each of Youssef Al Dokhi, the Kuwaiti player, and Hamza Saleh, the Saudi player.

Two penalties were awarded, one of which was scored against Qatar by Mohammed Ali Kassala, the UAE player, and Obaid Al-Shammari missed the penalty kick for Kuwait in the 43rd minute of the first half against Qatar.

Mahmoud Sofi, the Qatari player, is the owner of the fastest goal in the tournament, scoring it against Mohammed Al-Deayea, the Saudi goalkeeper, after only two minutes. He won the top scorer title with four goals, equal to the Saudi player Fouad Anwar.

Bahrain goalkeeper Hammoud Sultan announced his official retirement from playing with his country’s national team, but he did not retire.

Despite the clear level development and the great qualitative leap in which the Oman national team appeared, it did not taste the victory and contented itself with only two draws.

The organizing committee of the twelfth Arab Gulf Cup sought the help of experts and consultants from France and Australia at the opening ceremony to implement the innovative presentations at the ceremony, where a laser was used to photograph sand and water that flows through its veins, waves and lights, during a ceremony that lasted for 36 minutes in the presence of the President of the International Federation and Platini. The President of the Asian Confederation, the President of the African Confederation, and concluded as he began by firing arrows, but intensively, before the stadium was evacuated in preparation for the opening match between the Emirates and Qatar, the defending champion, which ended with the victory of Al-Abyad with the goal of Adnan Al-Taliani.

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