Gulf 11.. Al-Annabi Al-Qatari enters the record of champions

The 11th Gulf Cup championship remains engraved in the memory of the Qatari fans, as it was a witness to the crowning of Al-Annabi with the first title, to break the dominance of Kuwait and Iraq in the title, in the version hosted by Qatar from November 27 to December 10, 1992, and its matches were held at Khalifa International Stadium with the participation of 6 teams: Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain.

Gulf 11 witnessed 11 historical figures, the most prominent of which was the loss of Kuwaiti Blue by Al-Annabi by four clean goals, which was the largest result in the history of the two teams’ confrontations until that time.

After his amazing performance in the tournament, Mubarak Mustafa (Al-Sinyari) was crowned the best player, as the former Qatari football star scored three goals in the tournament against Oman (two goals), and against Kuwait he scored one of the four goals that Al-Annabi won, and the duo Mubarak Mustafa and Mahmoud Sofi emerged largely in the best version in the history of Al-Sinyari.

Mubarak Mustafa won the best player and top scorer award, while the best goalkeeper award went to Bahraini Hammoud Sultan.

The Gulf 11 confrontations began with Qatar’s victory over Oman with two clean goals scored by Mubarak Mustafa at the inauguration at Khalifa International Stadium, then the Kuwaiti team defeated its UAE counterpart with the same result, and Bahrain beat Saudi Arabia with two goals to one, then Kuwait defeated Oman with the same result, before the Qatari team achieved its second victory against Bahrain with a clean goal.

The UAE team also defeated its Saudi counterpart with a goal, then Qatar beat Kuwait by four goals, the Emirates beat Bahrain with two clean goals, and Saudi Arabia beat Oman with the same result, then Saudi Arabia beat Kuwait with two goals to one, before Qatar beat the Emirates with a clean goal.

In this tournament, the Bahraini national team defeated its Omani counterpart with three clean goals, the UAE beat Oman with one goal, and Bahrain beat Kuwait and Saudi Arabia beat Qatar with the same result.

Saudi Green came in runner-up, then Bahrain third, and the UAE fourth.

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