The Qatari national team loses its second World Cup match against Senegal

The Qatar national team lost to Senegal 1-3 on Friday at Al-Thumama Stadium, in the second round of Group A competitions in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Bolayi Dia (41), Famara Didihu (48) and Sheikh Deng (84) scored Senegal’s goals, while Mohamed Muntari (78) scored Qatar’s goal.

The Senegalese national team entered the course of the match at a rapid pace, and threatened the goal of its Qatari opponent early by Ismaila Sarr, who penetrated from the right side and hit a powerful ball towards the narrow corner, which bounced off the outer net of the Qatari goalkeeper, Mishaal Barshim (4).

On the other hand, the first Qatari attempt came at the Senegal goal, after a cross from the right side, sent by Hassan Al Haidos, the defense tried to clear it before it reached Akram Afif, who in turn shot it high above the goal (15).

Two minutes later, Senegal had a dangerous opportunity when winger Sarr sent a high ball from a corner kick from the left side in the middle of the penalty area. Famara Didio rose to it and turned it with his head, which passed close to the right post.

Krepin Diata and Idrissa Gay exchanged the ball on the edge of the penalty area, before the latter hit it with a powerful ground with his right foot from outside the penalty area, adjacent to the left post of goalkeeper Edouard Mendy (24).

The Senegalese team succeeded in opening the scoring after Boulaye Dia took advantage of a mistake by Qatari defender Boualem Khokhi to clear the ball from the middle of the penalty area, giving Dia the opportunity to hit the ball with his right foot in the bottom left corner into the net (41).
Senegal started the second half strongly, to succeed in scoring the second goal following a corner kick sent by Ismail Jacobs from the right towards the near post, which Famara Didhiu turned with his head towards the corner out of reach of goalkeeper Barshim to enter the net (48).

The Qatari team almost reduced the gap when Abdul Karim Hassan hit a powerful shot with his right foot from outside the penalty area, which passed very close to the right post (61).

Another dangerous opportunity arose for the Qatari national team, when Afif penetrated from the left side to pass a cross ball into the penalty area to striker Al-Moez Ali, who hit it with his left foot creeping towards the right corner, which Mendy deftly pushed into a corner kick (63).

The Senegalese goalkeeper continued his brilliance when Al Haidos sent a cross from the left side into the penalty area, defender Ismail Mohamed turned it with his foot towards the right corner, and Mendy pushed it away in the last moments with the tips of his fingers to a corner (67).

The Qatari pressure resulted in it narrowing the gap and scoring its first goal in the World Cup finals, when Ismail Mohamed received a high through ball on the right side before sending it neatly into the penalty area. Substitute Mohamed Muntari rose to it and turned it with his head to the right of goalkeeper Munidi into the net (78).

And from a quick attack on the right side, the Senegalese team succeeded in scoring the third goal, when Eliman Ndiaye passed a cross ball towards Sheikh Bamba Deng, who hit it with his right foot from the center of the penalty area, out of reach of goalkeeper Barshim, to enter the net (84).

The final minutes did not result in a change in the outcome of the meeting, which ended in favor of the Senegalese national team 3-1.

The third and final round of group competitions will be held next Tuesday, November 29, when the Netherlands will meet Qatar, and Ecuador will meet Senegal.

The first round witnessed Ecuador beating Qatar 2-0 on Sunday, and the Netherlands beating Senegal 2-0 on Monday.

The top two teams from each of the eight groups advance to the round of 16.

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