Herve Renard: We are not on a picnic. We must make the Saudis proud of their national team

On Monday, the Saudi national team held a press conference for the upcoming match today against Argentina, during which the coach of the Greens, Herve Renard, for the Saudi national team, during the press conference, the Crown Prince Ali, for his encouraging speech. It was positive for all of us, and it is important that we hear such words from the leader before the start of the 2022 World Cup.

And Renard stressed: “We did not come here for the sake of participation only, we are not on a picnic. We must leave a mark and make the Saudis proud of their national team. This is what we must think about.

“Our group is difficult, but our will will be stronger and we will be ready for all levels of the match,” Renard said.

Abdullah Al-Maliki, the Saudi player, reassured the fans about the player Salman Al-Faraj, indicating that he has been training normally for a week and there is no need for concern.

Al-Maliki emphasized that the national team had prepared well in the past period to be among those present to present an honorable performance.

Regarding the timing of the match, he stressed, “It will not stop us from presenting a good performance.”

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