Felix Sanchez.. the owner of the continental achievement and the holder of the dreams of the Qataris in the World Cup

A work that exceeded expectations in a record time for those responsible for Qatari sports, who run the ball with a distinguished future vision, with a wonderful exploitation of material and human capabilities, and along with the rest of the sports, Qatar has given football very great attention, and it is now reaping its fruits, and the Qatari team’s coronation in the last Asian Cup is only an example of what was and what will be.

The Qatari national football team won the last edition of the Asian Nations Championship in the UAE, and it was not a stroke of luck, or the culmination of a team with experience and previous continental tours, or because of veteran players with several continental participations, and other reasons that are usually a reason for crowning teams in major continental competitions, rather, it was a young national team and the result of the work of many successive years of construction, planning and continuous work through the “Aspire” Academy, which helped in the development of many Qatari players, as well as the clubs that embraced and demonstrated young talents, all of which combined to form a strong team with a very distinguished journey, the cradle of a great achievement for a coach that would not have been achieved without him, there is no achievement without a maker. This maker was none other than Felix Sanchez, the Spanish coach of Al-Anabi of Qatar.

The Spanish coach did not know that he would be a champion of Asian football through a Qatari gate, conveying a pioneering Spanish experience, which he gained from the Catalan school with a long history and many achievements in this field. For the Olympic team, which he received the task of training after an Asian achievement by winning the Continental Cup with the U-19 team, and before that he had a long training experience in the Aspire Academy, which he came to after he was a coach at the Barcelona Football Academy.

All of them are almost unimportant training experiences compared to taking over the reins of the first team that participated in a continental cup with a young squad. Most of the expectations nominated them for an honorable participation only, and did not nominate them for the title in the presence of the previously crowned champions of the continent, such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Iran and Australia.

Felix Sanchez, the calm coach, raised the ceiling of ambitions high with a very elegant performance in the first round, forcing everyone to believe in his ability to be crowned, then 4 victories followed in performance and result, the last of which was a hat-trick against Japan in the final that ably crowned him Asian champion, with the best defense and attack, the best goalkeeper, the best passer, the top scorer of the tournament and the best coach as well.

Sanchez was distinguished by the strength of his personality, which he conveyed to the players as well, and for his tactical excellence, good conduct and management of matches, and his skill in changing plans as needed. And made him a champion of the continent with the Qatar national team, which will be an incentive to provide an honorable level in the first and historic participation of Annabi in the World Cup finals.

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