Bahraini Ahmed Salmeen, the maker of generations, who scored the first goals in the Gulf Cup

One of the most prominent symbols of Bahraini football for more than 50 years, the striker who possessed the cornerstone of skill and maneuvering, became resistant to defenders, an immortal sports stature, a unique player and coach who created generations for Bahraini football in general and Muharraq in particular, to put an indelible mark in the history of Bahraini football.

He is the legend Ahmed bin Yousef Salmin, one of the members of the first Bahraini Red Battalion, as he was in the squad of the first official team that was formed for the Kingdom in 1964, and he was also part of the Bahraini Red squad that represented the real start of Bahraini football with the great Egyptian coach Hamada Al-Sharqawi, and he is the owner of the first goal in the 1970 Gulf Cup, when he opened the scoring in the Qatar match, which ended in favor of Bahrain 2-1, in the first edition of the tournament, despite doubts about his participation in the tournament, especially after he was injured and traveled to India for treatment. He also participated in the first Asian Nations qualifiers, which were held In Kuwait 1971, Salmeen achieved many achievements with the Bahrain national team, as well as all titles with Muharraq Club, and he is one of the few who succeeded in gaining the love of Bahraini fans of all stripes and tendencies.

Salmeen is the immortal legend of Muharraq Club, where he participated with it for twenty years in the local league competition, in the period from the late fifties, sixties, and seventies, leaving a career full of giving as a player and coach, and despite his departure from our world in June 2021, his name is still repeated within the club, where his son, Mohammed, plays for it, who is no less star than his father. He has gone through many professional experiences in Qatar and the UAE, and was part of the dream team, which achieved fourth place in the Asian Championship, and was close to qualifying for the World Cup finals twice, when he participated in two supplemental matches, while the Gulf Championship is considered (Gulf 16), the most important for Muhammad, he won the best player award in the tournament hosted by Kuwait in 2003, and the Bahraini almost snatched the title, but lost it, achieving the runner-up, in favor of the Saudi green.

Salmin was one of the most prominent figures that athletes take as an example, as he was the best example of a distinguished player morally and athletically, and Salmin formed a duo, which was not repeated later, with Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa with Al-Muharraq Club during the sixties of the last century, where they represented the golden duo of the strikers that generation.

Salmeen is also one of the most prominent coaches in the history of Bahrain, as he graduated from his technical school, the most prominent stars that represented the national team during the past decades. He also had the honor of being the first Bahraini player to hold an official retirement festival in 1977, in a meeting between Muharraq and Kuwait.

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