Arruabarina: We seek to prepare the Whites in the best way before facing Australia

The Argentinian coach, Rodolfo Arruabarina, coach of UAE, confirmed his confidence in the fighting spirit of the players, and their desire to provide the best possible performance, to achieve the aspirations of the fans, by playing with a fighting spirit and motivated by victory in the upcoming confrontation against the Australian team next June 7.

Rodolfo indicated that Al-Abyad will enter the preparation camp for the Asian supplement on May 24, provided that the players of Al-Wahda and Sharjah, the two sides of the final of the President’s Cup, which will be held next May 27, will join the gathering, no later than the day after the match, while the team is going through a friendly international experience. Either May 30 or 31, as a last stop to check the readiness of all players.

This came during a press conference held by the coach yesterday, Thursday, at the headquarters of the Federation in Dubai, in the presence of his assistant staff, Yasser Salem, director of the national team, and representatives of the media in the country.

The coach valued the Football Association’s support for the national team and the provision of all the requirements for success. He also praised the efforts of the National Teams Committee and its keenness to make the preparation program a success, stressing that this support will have a great impact in raising the morale of all workers in the ranks of Al-Abyad.

Rodolfo touched on the importance of everyone joining forces behind Al-Abyad, and he called on the fans to play their entrusted role in supporting the national team, and standing behind it in the Asian play-off match: “The team will leave for Doha a week before the Australia match, and if we succeed, we will remain in our camp, waiting to face Peru. In the global annex, on the 14th of next June.

Rodolfo referred to the field visits he made to the clubs, to see the daily training of the players, and praised the reception that the technical staff received, and the great cooperation that he found from the coaches of the clubs and their administrative bodies, and pointed out that the apparatus was keen to travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to follow up on international players who play in the ranks of the clubs participating in the AFC Champions League.

He explained: “All of these moves were aimed at providing the best ways to prepare the national team in the appropriate manner for the match against Australia, but what concerns me now is the physical aspect of the players, especially at the end of the season, and there is great pressure for the matches, whether for the clubs participating in Asia, or during the recent rounds. For the local league, before the May 24 assembly, and therefore we will have to develop a recovery plan for the players as soon as they join the camp, so that they can perform according to what we want.”

He continued, “This matter dominated my conversations with the officials of the local teams, so as not to overburden the players, especially those participating with their clubs in the AFC Champions League, as they play stressful matches, and in a short time, but I am convinced that we will be physically ready for the Australia match.”

While Rodolfo expressed his happiness with the return of Omar Abdel-Rahman “Amouri” to the stadiums, and his performance with the Al-Ahly youth team in the Champions League so far, after a long period of absence from participation, and about his call-up to the national team in the next gathering, he said: “Certainly Amouri’s return to participate with Al-Ahly youth, which is in the interest of the Emirati football, and I have previously met with Amouri and others, and they are working what is required of them to join the team in the next stage”.

Source.. UAE Football Association

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