Bashar Abdullah.. The march of the historical top scorer of Kuwaiti blue

Kuwaiti star Bashar Abdullah Salem Abdel Aziz was born on October 12, 1977, in Kuwait City. His football talent appeared since childhood, and he began his career with Salmiya Club in 1987, but he was cut off from the club during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, and then returned to it.

In the first match he played with the club in 1994, he scored three goals and it was against Khaitan club, so he emerged on the Kuwaiti scene, and showed a good performance in the positions of striker and playmaker, and was chosen to participate in the 1996 Gulf Cup in the Sultanate of Oman, but he did not participate in any match, and in the last match In front of Qatar, Bashar Abdullah entered and scored a goal against Qatar to give the win to Kuwait, and in the 1998 Gulf Cup he led Kuwait to win the cup again.

He was the top scorer in the 1997/1998 Emir’s Cup with 5 goals, and scored a goal in the 2000/2001 Emir Cup final.

Bashar Abdullah retired from international football in 2005 after the Kuwait national team was eliminated from the 2006 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, after 132 matches in which he scored 57 goals.

Bashar Abdullah played for many Gulf clubs. On November 29, 1998, he joined the Saudi club Al Hilal for $110,000. On April 20, 2000, he joined the Qatari club Al Arabi and played for it for ten days, and the Qatari club paid him $30,000. On 11 July 2001, he went through an experience with the Qatari club, Al Rayyan, for a fee of 310,000 US dollars, and on December 4, 2002 he moved to the UAE club Al Ain and played for it only one match, and he played with Kuwait Club in the 2004/2005 season for six months as a loan from Salmiya Club for an amount of 70 thousands Kuwaiti dinars (210 thousand US dollars).

Bashar Abdullah has achieved many achievements for Salmiya Club, winning the Kuwaiti League title twice, the Amir Cup once, the Crown Prince Cup once and the Al-Kharafi Cup once.

The Salmiya coach excluded him from the team, and Al-Arabi Club applied to sign him, in exchange for 15,000 Kuwaiti dinars. The club’s president, Abdullah Al-Tariji, said that the player’s fate is determined by the technical staff. On January 5, 2010, he was loaned to Kuwait Club and the club announced that the transfer was made by the player’s personal desire.

Bashar Abdullah began his career with the Kuwaiti Al-Azraq on March 16, 1996, and his first match was against the Finland national team, and his last match was on June 5, 2007, against the Egyptian national team. He played with Kuwait national team in many tournaments, the 2003 Gulf Cup and the 2004 Gulf Cup, and he played in the 1996 Asian Cup, the 2000 Asian Cup and the 2004 Asian Cup. He scored the first international goal against Syria on May 23, 1996, and the highest number of goals he scored for the Kuwait national football team in one match against Bhutan on February 14, 2000, was 8 goals, and his last international goal was scored against Egypt in his last international match. He is the first scorer in the history of the Kuwait national team with 76 goals from 134 international matches.

Bashar Abdullah played 21 matches in the Gulf Cup tournaments, during which he scored 7 goals. He participated in the Gulf Cup five times, and won the Gulf Cup twice, in 1996 and 1998, and the only tournament he did not score in was the 2002 Gulf Cup.

In the 1996 Gulf Cup, he scored a goal against Qatar’s Al Annabi, and in the 1998 edition, he scored a goal against Qatar and a goal against Oman.

In the 2003 Gulf Cup, he scored a goal against Yemen, a goal against Qatar, and scored a goal against Yemen in the 2004 edition.

Bashar Abdullah also played in the Asian Cup 13 games, during which he scored 3 goals, as he participated in the 1996 Asian Cup, the 2000 Asian Cup and the 2004 Asian Cup, and the best result of the team was in the 1996 Asian Cup, where he ranked fourth, and scored goals in the three tournaments in which he participated.

In the 1996 Asian Cup, he scored a goal against South Korea, and in the 2000 tournament, he scored a goal against Saudi Arabia, and in 2004, he scored a goal against the Emirates.

In 2004 Bashar Abdullah joined Kuwait Club on loan for $210,000. He stayed until 2005 and returned to Salmiya; In 2010, he moved to Kuwait Club, before deciding to retire from playing for good on March 9, 2013, and heading to work in sports analysis.

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