The Gulf 25 inspection delegation inspects the stadiums and hotels in Basra

The inspection team emanating from the committee studying the files of hosting the Gulf 25 in the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation began its work headed by Dr. Hamid Al-Shaibani, head of the inspection team in the Iraqi city of Basra, immediately after his arrival today. The delegation included Misa Ahmed, Khaled Al-Hajj and Tariq Al-Kandari.

The delegation was received at the airport by the deputy governor of Basra, deputy head of the normalization committee of the Iraqi Football Association, and officials in the Basra government. The delegation was welcomed in Iraq to inspect the sports facilities and Gulf 25 requirements by the delegation which the engineers presented.

Many different Iraqi media came to the airport upon the arrival of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation delegation, where questions were directed to Dr. Hamid Al-Shaibani about the mission of the delegation and what it will do during this visit. Dr. Al-Shaibani expressed his and the members of the delegation’s happiness to visit the brotherly Iraq and Basra specifically, which seeks the establishment of the Gulf Arab 25, stressing that the delegation works with high professionalism through the members, and will make an inspection tour to the sports stadiums and training grounds, which are an important pillar of the requirements, as well as to see the hotels designated for the tournament that will host the eight teams, organizational committees, the championship’s guests, referees and media.

Al-Shaibani also stressed that the tour will include a visit to the hospitals that will be designated for Gulf 25, including Al-Shifa Hospital, as well as roads and transportation. He wishes that all the requirements of the tournament they presented to Iraq would be available in their file, and that it would rise to the aspirations of the Iraqi and Gulf fans, which consider the Gulf Cup one of their most beloved tournaments.

Al-Shaibani indicated that the delegation will monitor the observations that it will have and present them to Iraqi officials in order to work on completing them in the coming stages, and then ensure that they are provided in the final stage.

Basra Governor receives the delegation of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation

The Governor of Basra, Engr. Asaad Al-Eidani, welcomed the delegation of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation and its members to their second country, Iraq. Al-Eidani valued the position of the Arab Gulf Cup Federation and the brothers in the Gulf federations that support Iraq in order to establish the championship in Basra, and to realize the dream of Basra fans and the Iraqi people in general.

Al-Eidani said, “We will be keen to provide all the requirements that the committee sets in terms of stadiums and complete what we need to accomplish, especially since the tournament has great support from the Iraqi government, and the Basra government considers it one of its priorities and is happy to see the people of the Gulf in the province, God willing.”

Al-Eidani pointed to the conditions of Corona in the region, saying: “We know that Iraq and all countries in the region are undergoing an exceptional circumstance due to Covid 19, and we will prepare for this by providing the required special protocol, which was agreed upon with the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hamid Al-Shaibani, head of the inspection team, conveyed the greetings of His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, President of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation and the Secretary General, Mr. Jassim Al-Rumaihi, to the people of Basra and Iraq, and said: “We know that when the tournament is held in any country or city, it adds to it. A lot of development and contribution to building the sports infrastructure and other things. We are grateful for the warm hospitality and reception that the delegation received in Basra. ”

Inspection of the tournament’s hotels

The delegation of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation was keen to visit the hotels that will be allocated to the Gulf teams and to see their capacity for the Gulf delegations, organizational committees, referees and tournament guests. Regarding the hotels and reviewing the plans related to them, whether in the final stages of construction or which are ready, will be evaluated.

Stadium, airport and road tour

The tour of a Gulf 25 inspection delegation will continue in Basra tomorrow, Monday, as the delegation is scheduled to visit the Sports City, its training grounds, as well as the eight hotels located in the vicinity of the city. Basra officials expressed that it was prepared in record time, and it would be furnished according to requirements, as well as providing professional executives to manage it.

The delegation will also visit the El Mina stadium which is located in the city center, and will see the stages of its completion in addition to visiting hospitals that will be dedicated to the tournament, as well as the roads that lead to the stadiums and the airport, receiving sports delegations and the masses and providing their needs.

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