Omani Federation announces the cancellation of local football competitions

The Oman Football Association announced the cancellation of local football competitions, which include the Omantel League, First Division League and the Women’s Football League for Futsal.

The statement published by the Omani Federation stated that the management of the Omani Football Association has been informed of the decisions of the Supreme Committee in charge of examining the mechanism for dealing with developments resulting from the spread of then Coronavirus (Covid-19) to suspend all official and private sporting activities beginning Thursday, April 1, 2021, until further notice.

Adding to the text of the statement: “We discussed the topic of the continuation of activities in the coming period in light of the outbreak of the epidemic at the level of local competitions remaining from this season, as well as the participation of national teams in the coming period of 2021, and the foreign participation of Omani clubs at the same time. Postponing this season’s competitions for local activity will result in an overlap in the calendar of next season’s competitions, as well as the external participations of Omani teams and clubs in light of prior commitments to specific time programs beyond the second half of this year, and the lack of overlapping competitions between the two seasons and the organizational and procedural confusion this creates. And the clubs incurring expenditures that exceed their capacity, and to reduce the side impact on the clubs of any obligations arising from them in the event of stopping local activity, the Federation’s Board of Directors decided, in its aforementioned meeting, to cancel the Omantel League, First Division League, Women’s Football League for Futsal for the current sports season.”

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