Renard: Happy with the win and the qualification

Saudi Arabia coach Renard, began the press conference that followed the match between Saudi Arabia and Oman by thanking the players who did well.

He said: “We are delighted with this precious win against Oman which came after we lost in the first game and won in the second despite the bad performance. Our performance improved significantly in this game. Our players made a big game. We managed to score two goals, and then quickly scored the third after their goal which reduced the difference.”

On their match against the Qatari team in the semi-final, he said: “It is good to face a strong team which is the Asian champion and the Gulf host. We have an excellent team and good players. I know that the Qatari team is doing well and is a capable team. I congratulate Sanchez for his work.”

He concluded: “I am excited about this match, because it will be between two big teams, and on a stadium full of fans. This is the fun of football. It is true that our fans will be less on the pitch, but I have trust in my team. It will be a good match for the Gulf region and the Arab region as a whole. It will be a beautiful match and we will work to prepare for it as required.”

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