A Bahraini refereeing crew for the AFC Cup final in the ASEAN region

The Asian Football Confederation chose a Bahraini international refereeing team to officiate the final match of the ASEAN region in the AFC Cup for the 2023-2024 sports season.

The crew, consisting of arena referee Ammar Mahfouz, his assistants Mohamed Jaafar and Abdullah Saleh, and the fourth official, Ismail Habib, will officiate the match between the Macarthur and Central Coast Mariners clubs, which will be held on February 22 in Australia, in the final of the ASEAN region, while the Indian Costa Anthony will be the referee’s evaluator.

It is noteworthy that the four referees, Ammar Mahfouz, Muhammad Jaafar, Abdullah Saleh, and Ismail Habib, are among the list of the elite referees of the Asian continent for the year 2024. Ammar, Muhammad, Abdullah, and Ismail have previously officiated many matches in various tournaments at all levels.

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