Gulf teams’ confrontations in the second round of the double qualifiers

Today, the Gulf teams will play the second round of the Asian double qualifiers for the 2027 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

The first round ended with a great result for Qatari club against Afghanistan, 8 goals to one. The Iraqi team also won against Indonesia 5-1, the Saudi team won against Pakistan 4-0, the UAE team won against Nepal 4-0, and the Omani team won against Chinese Taipei 3/0, and Bahrain defeated Yemen 2/0, while Kuwait lost to its guest India 0/1 in a surprise round.

At the end of the first round, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Emirates (by goal difference from Al-Bahrain), and Oman topped their groups, and today they enter the second round match in order to maintain the lead, as Qatari club faces its host, the Indian national team, while Kuwaiti Blue is a guest of Afghanistan in order to correct the situation.

The Saudi team will be a guest of the Jordanian team , while the Kyrgyzstan team will host the Omani team, the Vietnam team will host Iraq team, the Yemeni team will be a guest of Nepal, and Bahrain will host the meeting of the two teams, Bahraini and the Emirates.

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