Al-Romaihi: The General Assembly discussed many important issues

Mr. Jassim Al-Rumaihi, Secretary-General of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation, said: “The meeting of the General Assembly touched on many important issues that concern the development of Gulf football, including the reformulation of regulations and the preparation of a clear calendar that helps all federations to participate in all age group tournaments during the coming period.”

The Secretary-General added: “The General Assembly asked the Member States to determine the alternative country for the host country for the next edition, “Gulf 26″, given that the competition regulations, according to the statute, stipulate the need to identify the alternative country in each edition that is organized, and that will be within one month.”

Mr. Al-Rumaihi indicated that the General Secretariat will set the dates for visits to the country hosting the next tournament to find out about the latest preparations, after it was preceded by a first inspection visit during the last period, and the Kuwaiti Federation seeks to redouble its efforts to host and complete the Sulaibikhat Stadium, which will be added to the hosting stadiums and will be one of the wonderful stadiums in the gulf region.

The Secretary-General of the Gulf Cup Federation concluded his remarks by saying: “The Gulf Championship is one of the oldest championships in the region, and the fans are waiting for the moment of the launch of each version, and we hope that this momentum will continue in each version of the championship.”

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